Fanduel is coming up with 3 huge promos for the 2017 NFL season:

(Have in mind that none of the offers require an actual Fanduel promo code!)

Fanduel Promo # 1

Play for absolutely free in a $3 000 beginners only contest! No deposit required, no trick or gimmicks – just sign up and play for free!

Fanduel Promo # 2

If you decided to make a deposit Fanduel will give you up to 4 free entries! Deposit $10-99 and 1 free voucher for the NFL Sunday contest and 1 in the NBA Shot, deposit $100 or more and get 2 vouchers for each – that’s 4 free shots at the biggest prizes!

Fanduel Promo # 3

“Friends Mode” – for the season long fantasy players Fanduel offers private leagues to play against your friends. But to make it different and better that the other sites  Fanduel will DOUBLE your first week payout and give you $100 bonus if you recruit 3 friends! Plus you and each friend will get $10 account credit! No Fanduel promo code necessary, just click on the box below and join.


Fanduel promo code

As you can see Fanduel is pulling all the stops this NFL season and the promo offers they have are pretty great. At the very least you should join the free $10 000 game – this is free money guys and it’s borderline crazy if you don’t take advantage of it! Now if you decide to take it a step further and play for real money – the up to 3 free entries for the Sunday Million games are huge! You can win a Million for free! Deposit $10 to $99 and get 1 free shot at a million or deposit $100 or more and get 3, it’s that simple! And my personal favorite – the “Friends Mode” offer – how about $100 free if you invite 3 new players to Fanduel and play a season long league! Everybody play fantasy football here in the USA and it’s super easy to take advantage of this one.

Important legal stuff you must be aware before playing fantasy sports at – all players must be at least 18 years of age (21 and over in the the state of Massachusetts ), no exceptions! Playing fantasy sports for real money is currently not allowed for residents of Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, Texas or Washington. Now that the fantasy sports industry is heavier regulated we all must obey the new rules and regulations. For a full list of them please check, and to stay up to date on this topic and everything else Fanduel – follow on Twitter and Facebook.

If you are completely new to Fanduel and fantasy football here’s a very quick breakdown what game they offer and how they work:

  • Tournaments – these are huge contests where you play against a lot of other players. These are hard to beat but the payouts can be huge. For example in the Sunday NFL Million you play against 300 000 or so other teams. The top prize is of course a Million but in this case top 40 000 or so teams will finish in the money and will at least get their entry fee back, plus depending on how high your team is – something extra. The entry fees vary from as low as $2 to as much as $10 000.
  • 50/50 – personal favorite and pretty self explanatory . If your team  finishes in the top 50 – you double your money (well less Fanduel’s fee, but close enough), it’s that simple. These games are with much smaller player pools and the entry fees are usually $5-100
  • Head-to-head – play against just 1 opponent and if your team scores more fantasy points that him/her – you win.
  • Friends Mode – another personal favorite. This is the only season long game offered by Fanduel and as you guessed it you play against just your fiends or whoever you invite.

So that’s about it guys, the new Fanduel promo code offer are here and as I said above – you gotta be nuts if you don’t at least join and play for the $10 000!  This year Fanduel made it much simpler and straightforward with their bonuses for new players, the system before was so complicated and confusing. You used to need an actual promo code when you join and than the bonuses were released based on the amount you’ve played. Now it’s super easy – just sign up and get whatever the offer you choose pretty much right away, you don need an actual Fanduel promo code to get the bonuses!

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